Preventing frauds is one of the top priorities for OKay. Although there are always ways to work around them, we have placed the following countermeasures in order to prevent or at least, make it harder:

  • Caller ID Number must be numeric with a length of eight digits or longer,
  • Callee and Caller ID number last 10 digits must be different
  • Callee number must exist, calling once and having a 404 (number not assigned) is okay, our system remembers that 404 and it won't route that number for a while,
  • Each account is capped to 10 channels (if you are not a legacy Unlimite USA48/Canada customer),
  • Smart ring-back increment if caller or callee has a high cancellation ratio, and
  • 0.05 USD surcharge for any exceeded 7.5% short duration call (six seconds or less).

What will come in the near future:

  • Verification levels: we will be placing different levels of trust that will give you more freedom in our system. Current customers will get automatically a fair verification level depending on their past activity and interaction with OKay.