Easter 2020 is almost next door, and not only children should be getting all the fun. Businesses should get fun as well.

If you are running a VoIP company, you already know that it is all about getting the best rate for your termination routes (outgoing calls).

We proudly announce our Easter SIP Termination Trunk Special. Please keep reading.

The VoIP world is very competitive. There is not a lot of margin for pricing, while one company may be doing 0.0098, others may be doing 0.0097, and that less than a cent may do a difference to switch or not.

This is very straight forward, 5% off when renting an Unlimited Termination SIP Trunk for USA48 and lower Canada. USA48 includes all the United States but Alaska and Hawaii; lower Canada includes only the provinces, the territories are excluded.

If you want to do fast numbers:

  • 14.99 USD minus 5% = 14.24 USD
  • 14.24 USD / 30 days = 0.4746 USD / day
  • 0.4746 USD / day divided by 12 useful hours/day = 0.0395 USD / hour. We do not divide by 24 because usually people only call during daylight.
  • 0.0395 USD / hour divided by 60 mins / hour = 0.0006 USD / min.

OKay is offering a 5% off in our Termination SIP Trunks for Outgoing Calls. Use the coupon code EASTERSIPTRUNK5 which will be available until April 12th, 2020. It only applies to the Unlimited trunk type.

Don't forget to check our blog, we always give specials on holidays. Especially, Canadian holidays.