What is To Connect Me?

To Connect Me is the Termination SIP Trunk service from OKay Inc. It aims to offer the best rates using white routes without being as punitive as other carriers.

What does Termination Mean?

Termination is the technical word to say we are on the other side of the call. In this case, it means it is to do outgoing calls.

May I use To Connect Me for my Sole Proprietorship?

Unless you already have a PBX working. If you are looking for a hosted PBX solution rather than a termination trunk, then To Call Me is what you are looking for.

For how Long the CDR is kept?

We have a 1-month policy in the main server, after that it is moved to our archive where we guarantee it will be kept for three months.

Will you Provide Phone Numbers (DID's)?

It is in our plans, origination trunks are more difficult to find and to get good rates for you. Stay tuned.

Is To Connect Me suitable for Call Centers?

To Connect Me is thought to be a conversational termination SIP trunk. You are free to pass call center calls, however, you run the risk of a surcharge or service termination.


Is To Connect Me Prepaid or Postpaid?

If you are a legacy customer of the unlimited USA48 and provincial Canada trunks the service is a mix of prepaid and postpaid. If you are a new customer, To Connect Me is a 100% prepaid service.

What Payment Methods are Supported?

We support PayPal and major credit or debit cards (VISA, Mastercard). These methods will make your balance to be updated in minutes. If you are a Canadian customer, we can arrange an e-transfer payment.

Do you Discount any Fee When Paying?

Yes, like many pre-paid services they discount gateways fees. However, we share the fee's responsibility. Usually, PayPal and credit card gateways bill 30 USD cents and 3%, we understand that charging you all is not fair, we only discount 30 USD cents and 1.5%.

Do you charge taxes?

Yes if you are a Canadian resident, you would be subject to taxes. Depending on your residence address, it could be HST (13%) or GST (5%). Our system will detect where are you and apply the HST (13%) automatically if you feel this is an error (you live in a province where GST should apply, for example, Quebec) or your business is out of Canada, please contact us. 

Can you Bill me in my Local Currency?

It depends on your country. If your local currency is USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, or NZD then we can arrange this. When you do the signup, the system will configure USD automatically, before topping up, contact us, we will change the currency as per your request.

What is the Minimum Top-up Amount?

10 USD or the equivalent in the currency we agree.

Do you have any Surcharge?

Sadly yes. Surcharges are placed to discourage unauthorized traffic such as fraudulent calls, call centers, or robocalls. We have in place the following surcharges:

  • Short Calls: if 10% (or more) of your last 30-day calls are answered calls with a length between 0 and 6 seconds a 0.05 USD (or equivalent currency) surcharge is applied to your balance.


What PBX brands does To Support Me works with?

Any that supports the SIP protocol. But if you must know, we work a lot with FreeSWITCH.

What are the Technical details for To Connect Me?

Please take note of the following data:

  • Username: <your username> (if you are not using IP authentication)
  • Password: <your password> (if you are not using IP authentication)
  • Server/Domain: trunks.okay.network
  • Port: 5060/tcp or 5060/udp

What codecs does To Connect Me support?

It would be awesome if we could provide support for any codec, however, this would make the SIP payload too big and some networks would filter because of that. We support the following codecs:

  • G.711 (aka αLaw or μLaw)

Does To Connect me Process the RTP?

No, we don't.

What are To Connect Me VoIP metric Thresholds?

We encourage you to have at least a 30% ASR and 30 secs ACD. We do not enforce yet any surcharge for that, but if we detect misbehavior we will send you a warning.