Technical Questions

Yes, we do, but since we can't guarantee the next jump will we encourage everybody to use G.711.

No, we don't.

Please read our configuration guide.

No, it is not. By default, only USA48 and Lower Canada is enabled. If you need to enable. Depending on your country and the enabled country destination we may or may not as for a deposit.

When you hire the trunk service you will get access to a web console. The CDR's are kept by 24 hours in our main server, after that, they are moved to the archive. We guarantee to keep it for at least three months.

Financial Questions

We do accept USD, CAD, EUR, GBP, AUD and NZD. Our system will detect what country are you connecting from, depending on that it will show you the right currency. If you are connecting from France, it will show you EUR; if you are connecting from Canada it will show CAD; if you are connecting from any other country with different local currency, USD is the default option.

International charges are postpaid and they are billed in your next invoice. For example, if this month you did 20 $ your next bill will have the monthly trunk charge plus the international minutes from the last month.