So it is very sad to say goodbye to one of our best products. We regret to announce that the Unlimited Termination SIP Trunks for USA48 and Provincial Canada are gone. From December 8th, 2020 we will no longer accept new orders.

Our Unlimited Termination SIP Trunks were offered to IP Telephony Companies who want to minimize their operation costs by allowing them to route any number of calls to the continental USA and the provinces of Canada within the hired channels for a monthly fixed cost.

Why Is This Happening?

Since the COVID pandemic hit, people started to find new ways of advertising and reaching customers. The telecommunication market started to have more attention and many greedy telecommunication companies started to add surcharges for everything; many without changing announcing or modifying their terms and conditions. As a consequence, the cost of routing went up from one day to the other.

OKay Inc had to operate on losses until the point that it is better to finish this product. But not everything is bad news, they say when a door closes a window opens.

What Will Happen Next and When?

OKay Inc will continue honouring the Unlimited Termination SIP Trunks on current users. However, we won't serve more capacity. If you are a current customer of the To Connect Me Unlimited SIP Trunk, make sure you will have the service until cancellation.

We are working very hard to find new routes and to start offering the following two products:

  • Unmetered USA48 and Provincial Canada which will give you a bunch of monthly minutes monthly, and
  • A to Z termination by the minute.

We expect to give a big announcement by Christmas 2020 or New Year 2021.

What's the Difference of To Connect Me with Other Carriers?

We will work hard to make the following possible:

  • keep the increments as low as possible, many carriers raised the increment to 60/60 in order to maximize their profits;
  • keep looking for better rates,  we will promise we won't stop trying to lower our cost to lower yours;
  • keep white routes, while looking for better rates, we won't use grey routes.