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Service Details

  • Service Website at https://to-connect.me/
  • Service activation in less than 24 hours, usually in the following 30 minutes (depending on the timezone).
  • All destinations are enabled by default, if you want to cap it, let us know.
  • Prepaid only.
  • 10 USD minimum top-up.
  • G.729 is supported on selected destinations.
  • If you maintain a call volume of 10,000 minutes or more (on calls billed by the minute) for three consecutive months, you can request a better rate. We will be happy to help your business.
  • CDR's are guaranteed to be kept for three months but we will try to keep them longer. If you need to have them longer, please contact us, we are sure we can figure out something together.
  • This trunk is not suitable for call centers, we encourage you to use it for conversational only; however, we could support your call center if you have an ASR >= 30% and an ACD >= 1 minute. As a courtesy, if we detect you are underperforming on these parameters, we will send you a friendly warning the first time. Failing these parameters means service cut until you notify us you have fixed your issue.
  • Short calls (less than 6 seconds) will have an extra cost of 0.05 USD by the call.
  • If you are a legacy white-label server customer, you are entitled to having this trunk. Contact us and ask for a discount coupon and get it as an independent service with the add-on restrictions.
  • Although we allow the caller ID number spoofing, we do still filter the caller ID to block invalid caller ID numbers.
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